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Picture it: It’s Friday night and you’re too tired to even think about cooking dinner. You and your partner decide to go out and grab dinner. And you know what? You worked hard this week. In the words of the great Tom Haverford, you decide to “treat yo’self” and suddenly, you’ve spent $150 on a night of dinner and drinks (and that Uber ride home). So on Saturday, when you want to see Black don’t have enough budgeted for both of you to go see it. But, Black Panther is supposed to be amazing, so you go see it anyway and suddenly you’re over budget and that vacation you’ve been trying to save up for seems like less and less of a possibility. If only there was some sort of app that provided beautiful dynamic images that allowed me to visualize my budget for better planning of my expenditures and provided a visual reminder of by big purchase goals...

That's where WeekNDR comes in! Try out the "fun money" budgeting app that allows you to better manage your discretionary budget, splity your budget among different interests and activites, and se a "big spend goal" for something more expensive you'd like to save up for. As the week progresses, log your discretionary spending, and the graphs on the display will dynamically update to show your progress. Any money left at the end will roll toward your big savings fund.

To try it out:


OR, if you're downloading the repository to your local machine, download the following npm packages:

  • bcrypt-nodejs
  • body-parser
  • express
  • express-session
  • mysql2
  • passport
  • passport-local
  • sequelize

Happy fun-budgeting!