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This repo contains the source code for a system of MQTT networked ESP32 based devices used to demonstrate various RTOS concepts for a local Nashville TN microcontroller meetup. The original event details are here:

Additionally, it was fun to play around and learn more about the ESP32 and MQTT.


  • A handful of fun LED Strip patterns
  • Builds including an Accelerometer will issue an MQTT event when tapped/bumped and also light up the LED Strip.
  • All builds subscribe to a Pattern MQTT event, enabling the ability to remotely change the LED Strip lighting pattern.
  • Builds without an accelerometer subscribe to an Accelerometer topic, and will light up their LED Strip when that topic is hit.
  • Some code modules written specifically to demonstrate various FreeRTOS concepts. Listed later in this readme document.

Target Hardware


Wiring / GPIO usage

  • GPIO 5: LED and crude CPU usage monitor
  • GPIO 21: LED Strip data connection
  • GPIO 16: I2C-SDA for ADXL345
  • GPIO 17: I2C-SCL for ADXL345

It is assumed (and recommended) that the LED Strip itself is externally powered, due to heavy peak current demands with some LED patterns.


Minimum Requirements

  • ESP-IDF installed correctly on the development system. This code was tested against the latest IDF as of end of December 2016. NOTE: The ESP-IDF is a rapidly moving target. Your mileage may vary.
  • FWIW, development for this project was performed using Mac OSX, and using Eclipse for editing
  • I used the ESP32 Thing's built in serial bootloader to download new application code builds using the IDF's "make flash" feature. For faster downloads, I highly suggest using "make menuconfig" to increase the bootloader's serial bit rate AND use compression.



  • Use "make menuconfig" to enable or disable the accelerometer option. See "Component Config -> EshThing" options.

Wifi and MQTT

  • The wifi setup may be updated via "make menuconfig". See "Component Config"->"EshThing" to update SSID and password.
  • The target MQTT server may be updated via "make menuconfig". See "Component Config"->"EshThing" to update the target MQTT server.
  • The MQTT clientID may be updated via "make menuconfig". See "Component Config"->"EshThing" to update the MQTT ClientId.

MQTT Topics

  • "/EshThings/Events/Pattern"
    • All builds subscribe to this topic. A simple string/number is expected:
    • '0' none. Pattern is off.
    • '1' Hann Window pulse. Single pulse and then off.
    • '2' Hann Window repeating pulse
    • '3' Random noise using ESP32 random generator source
    • '4' SOS Morse Code pattern pulse. Single pulse and then off.
    • '5' Same as '1', but scaled by 0.5
    • '6' Same as '2', but scaled by 0.5
    • '7' Knight Rider
  • "/EshThings/Events/Accelerometer"
    • Builds WITHOUT a physical accelerometer will subscribe to this topic. Any event will trigger LED behavior.
    • Builds WITH a physical accelerometer will publish to this topic when a threshold of accelerometer data is crossed. The published data includes the magnitude information.

Teaching Demo

The purpose of this repository is to present various FreeRTOS concepts at a microcontroller meetup in Nashville TN. The concepts and their locations:

  • Semaphores: led_strip (third party)
  • Mutex: led_strip (third party as modified by Matthew)
  • Queues: ColorMappedDataVisualizer (original to this code)
  • Timers: PatternGenerator (original to this code)
  • Polling Thread: AccelReader (original to this code)

Third Party

Third party code and modules required or included directly in this project:

Other resources:

Who do I talk to?


Demo code running on ESP32 micro, showing FreeRTOS concepts + MQTT + LED Strip + Accelerometer








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