Personal web dev blog for Some basic Jekyll and Sass hackery.
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This is my personal web dev blog.

Live Version

View the live working version here.


This is basically your average Jekyll install with some html, markdown and Sass hackery.

I added some grunt tasks to save the git commit revision number so I can link to each revision on Github from the site footer and to minify the generated CSS.

I deploy it to AWS S3 and handle AWS Cloudfront using the awesome s3_website gem.

Development Environment

To start development just launch Jekyll from the command line.

 cd {project_root}
 cd site
 bundle exec jekyll serve

Saving Changes

Commit the changes in GIT and run the gulp tasks to save the git revision hash and minimise the CSS.

git commit -a
cd ../
grunt default
grunt saveRevision
cd site
jekyll build

Deploying the changes

git push origin master