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fs_[user]_[file] For the user file system
lsFs_[user] List of user files
db_[user]_[appName]_[var] application data
app_[subHostName] for applications under system domain/name
owner_[subHostName]=user for who the owner of the sub app domain is without too much lookup
host_[hostName] for applications with own host name, points to app_
lsOwn_[user]=[subHostName] List of subdomains that are owned by the user
lsHost_[user]=[hostName] List of domains that are owned by user
share_# The code for shared code
share_index The value of the last shared code, just use db.addInt to access
login_[user] The hash of a user's password
email_[user] The user's password
profile_[user] The markdown from a user profile
setting_[type]_[user] General setting from the user
setting_name_[user] display name of user
lsPublic_[user] List of files that the user has shared