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Ctrl-L This should be self explanatory Note: that JSApp does not use cookies so reloading the page will cause one to be logged out


This will ask for your username and password Note: that password reset is not yet working so do not forget your password


Ctrl-N Will create a blank file Note: this is not registered with the server, so it can be used as a test scratch pad


Ctrl-S Save a file to the server If the file is all ready name, one is not required save [file name if different, or not all ready given\


Ctrl-O Open a file on the server open [file name] the list of files can be found using ls


alias: ls List the files that are save onto the server


alias: rm This command is not yet implemented


alias: mv This command is not yet implemented


Ctrl-B Can be used to run an application in a test mode


This Command can take a while to run Note: the file must first be save to the server first create a new sub-domain then chose the domain from the dropdow and click deploy


List the files, allows for one to delete or rename any file as well as make it public so it can be imported by others using: require("username/filename")


Makes the file public so that others can view it at a given link.


Toggles the showing of the sidebar, can be useful when learning the commands, as they can be clicked to be activated and all are listed.