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This is NNTB, by Matthew Sachs <>
(c)2000-2002 Matthew Sachs, all rights reserved.
This software is licensed under Version 2 of the GNU Public License.
A copy of the license is contained in the file COPYING, which should have
been included with this software.


*perl 5.6.1 or better

*One of the supported weblogs

*The following perl modules (the CPAN distribution containing the module
is given in parentheses:)

	HTML::FormatText (HTML-Format)
	HTML::Parse (HTML-Tree)
	Regexp::Shellish (Regexp-Shellish)
	MIME::Parser (MIME-tools)

See the perlmodinstall manpage (perldoc perlmodinstall) for information
on obtaining and installing modules.


Change into the NNTB directory.  This directory was created when you
unpacked the NNTB tarball and should be called nntb-XX where XX is the NNTB

Obtain the necessary perl modules.

Open the nntb.conf file in a text editor.  Edit it to your satisfaction and
then copy it to either /etc/nntb.conf or ~/.nntb .

See the README file in the subdirectory for your weblog (e.g. Slash/README
or Scoop/README) for information specific to that weblog.

Run it.  initscript.


If you get a permission denied error while trying to run nntb, try the
following command: chmod +x nntb

If you get an error about a bad interpreter while trying to run nntb, your perl
may not be installed in /usr/bin/perl.  Find out where your perl binary is located;
try commands like 'which perl', 'type -path perl', 'whereis perl', and
'locate perl | grep bin'.  Then, change the first line of nntb from #!/usr/bin/perl
to #!/path/to/your/perl



There are mailing lists and a CVS tree.
See for details.

Obtaining support:
	You should try the following, in order, for help with IMIRC:
	1) Ask in #nntb
	2) Send an email to
	3) Contact the author directly (see below)

Contacting the author:
	AIM: MattSachs

NNTB website:

Mailing lists:
	nntb-announce, nntb-users, and nntb-devel