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Store the windows position, then you can replace them only with one key.
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This tool is used to remember all the visible windows in WINDOW OS, then you can restore the position according to your setting.

  • The index of this tool is windowsName, so if the windowsName has some overlap, you may need to find a unique key word for each windows


The tools is run on Python, so first of all you need to install a Python 2.7(Not 3.x), and a pywin32 lib for python 2.7, you can find it in these links:

  1. Download Python2.7
  2. Download pywin32 for 2.7


  1. You need to open up all the windows you want to remember, and place them at the right place.
  2. If you haven't set a PATH for python, then run this first set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Python27
  3. Open a cmd, and run python.exe -p, you will see all the windows name.
  4. Find out the one or more which you cared about, and take a key word from the windows name.
  5. run python.exe -c [win1] [win2] ... to create a list, which store the key word for each windows
  6. run python.exe -s to save all the windows position.
  7. Then you can run at any time when you need to restore the windows position with python.exe -r

Note: you only have to create and save the windows once, if there is no change, then don't need to update it any more, because we have a local cache has saved them all.


  • You can use "python -c add or del" to add or delete key words


Using WIN+up or down (right or left) to show up the windows which can't find.

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