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An implementation of Walulya et al.'s lock-free vector from "Scalable Lock-Free Vector with Combining"
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Final report.pdf

COP4520 Data Structure Project

Authors: John Albury, Dax Borde, Matthew Garrison, Richard Snyder

In this project, we re-implement the lock-free vector described in Scalable Lock-Free Vector with Combining. Additionally, we implement a transactional version of this vector using the Rochester Software Transaction Memory (RSTM) library. Finally, we compare the performance of our two implementations to each other.

You can view the final report here.

STM Implementation

Setting up RSTM

First, download the main.cpp file from Webcourses and download RSTM v7 from

Next, unpack rstm to somewhere like /home/rstm and run the following from /home or wherever you unpacked rstm.

mkdir rstm_build
cd rstm_build
cmake ../rstm

This should build RSTM on your system. If it doesn't work, try running it on an Ubuntu 18.04 VM; that's what I ended up using.

Next, test that everything is working by copying main.cpp to rstm/bench. In rstm/bench/CMakeLists.txt, add main to the list starting on line 22. Then, run:

cd rstm_build

It should output something like x = 40000.

Running STM Implementation

Now, move the stm_vector.cpp and stm_vector.h files to rstm/bench (you can remove main.cpp from there now). In rstm/bench/CMakeLists.txt, replace main with stm_vector in the list starting on line 22. Also, move to rstm_build/. The following is how to run version 2 (our modified version of the STM vector). To run the unmodified version, simply change bench/stm_vector_v2SSB64 to bench/stm_vector_v1SSB64

cd rstm_build
python3 bench/stm_vector_v2SSB64

The results will be located in the directory you end up in (rstm_build/) under the name results.txt. If you re-run the test, make sure to delete or move results.txt before re-running, as the output will be appended to results.txt if it already exists.

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