Multi-Key AVL Trees for C


See @mainpage documentation in mkavl.h for more details.

This uses a backend AVL tree implementation to allow for more transparent
handling of placing data in multiple AVL trees keyed by different fields.
Additionally, it adds greater than and less than lookups for non-existent keys
(e.g., get all records with ID greater than 100 even if ID=100 doesn't actually
exist in the tree).

Just run "make" in the root directory to build the mkavl static and dynamic
libraries.  After having built the library.

To run the unit test:
    1. cd test
    2. make
    3. ./test_mkavl
        - Use "-h" to see options.

To run some example applications:
    1. cd examples
    2. make
    3. ./employee_example
        - Use "-h" to see options.

Note that the test and example programs must be run in their respective
directory as the path to the dynamic library is hard-coded in the executables.