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+See @mainpage documentation in mkavl.h for more details.
+This uses a backend AVL tree implementation to allow for more transparent
+handling of placing data in multiple AVL trees keyed by different fields.
+Additionally, it adds greater than and less than lookups for non-existent keys
+(e.g., get all records with ID greater than 100 even if ID=100 doesn't actually
+exist in the tree).
+Just run "make" in the root directory to build the mkavl static and dynamic
+libraries. After having built the library.
+To run the unit test:
+ 1. cd test
+ 2. make
+ 3. ./test_mkavl
+ - Use "-h" to see options.
+To run some example applications:
+ 1. cd examples
+ 2. make
+ 3. ./employee_example
+ - Use "-h" to see options.
+Note that the test and example programs must be run in their respective
+directory as the path to the dynamic library is hard-coded in the executables.

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