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TextMate bundle for the Ceaser CSS Easing Equations
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Ceaser CSS Easing TextMate bundle

This is a TextMate bundle that adds snippets for the Ceaser CSS Easing Equations.


I recommend using GetBundles to install it, but if not...

You can download the bundle and install it:

  1. Download the zip and unzip it
  2. Rename the long crazy name to 'Ceaser CSS Easing.tmbundle'. For example from something like: matthewlein-Ceaser-CSS-Easing-tmbundle-3d0b424 to: Ceaser CSS Easing.tmbundle
  3. Double-click the Ceaser CSS Easing.tmbundle file
  4. Open TextMate and go to Bundles > Bundle Editor > Reload Bundles
  5. Go to Bundles > Bundle Editor > Show Bundle Editor
  6. It should be there

Leave any feedback in the github page.

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