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Please mark with a flag when possible, the resources that are good for:
Total beginners on back-end or programming : -b
For experienced developers : -e\

The resources without flags means we don't know how to measure if it's good for beginners or experienced dev's, judge by yourself.





  • Clojure koans
    On this website you can learn a little bit more about clojure using the Koan style.
    What is a Koan? It's a "Fill the blanks" approach using programming

  • Practicalli
    Practical approaches to learning Functional Programming with Clojure
    YouTube broadcasts, screencasts and online guides to support you in your journey into Clojure and development tools

  • Clojurecademy
    Clojurecademy is like Codecademy that focuses only Clojure and its ecosystem
    It teaches Clojure programming language or anything related to programming in general.

  • Clojure newbie guide
    A quick guide to Clojure and its ecosystem for newbies.

  • 4Clojure
    4Clojure is a collection of clojure exercises that covers the entire core aspects of the language..

  • Exercism clojure
    Exercism is a platform for leveling up your programming skills through exercises, and there is a specific track for each language.

Guides and tutorials

  • How to build HTTP APIs with Clojure -e
    Title says it all, aimed to people who already have a little experience on building APIs but want to fast figure out how to do it with Clojure

Useful links

  • Clojure setup for editing code and development -b
    An oppinionated way to setup your first clojure development workflow using Atom.
    (Custom setups for clojure are highly recommended because of how editors handle lisp languages and the clojure REPL.)

  • Learn Clojure back-end by reading code
    This is one kinda easy way to learn clojure back-end, by reading real world code example and understanding it.
    To do this, you can use the clojure Polylith Real World example below
    P.S: Be sure to learn the Polylith architecture first:


  • ClojureScript Reagent & re-frame
    *Learn the clojure-way to do reactive web apps. Has free videos and paid course on Reagent (clojure wrapper for React) and re-frame. *

  • ClojureScript Unraveled - Book
    *A comprehensive introduction to the ClojureScript language and its idiomatic usage. It covers the clojurescript language and assumes the reader knows nothing about clojure. *

  • Learn ClojureScript - Book
    *Series of lessons teaching ClojureScript, doesn't require to know clojure before cljs. *