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easily create and share open source hardware documentation
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Platyvue manipulates the Platypus documentation schema. This GUI makes it easy to understand and edit a network (nodes and links) of snippets of information. Ultimately you can manage all of the files relevant to a project (how to turn something into something else) using Platypus/vue and collaborate with someone through the internet.

Code Example

I'll come up with a good example later.


I want to collaborate on hardware projects with other people wherever they happen to be. That's easier to do on software projects because computers follow instructions perfectly. In a hardware project the human is the compiler, so it's harder to write the instructions. If we can make it easy to discover and replicate tangible things we can extend the benefits of open source to everything outside of the computer.


Download the community (open source) version of Livecode (version 7) Open the "platyvue alpha.livecode" stack in the IDE In Platyvue, open the "shepard example.plat" file

API Reference

No API yet. You can help with that.


Also no tests. Definitely help with that.


All participation welcome! I self-taught so that I could get this prototype built and validate the idea. There's a ton I don't know and a lot of stuff I'm skipping over. Ultimately I think this could become a standard with a big community developing and using it for all sorts of instructions.


LGPLv3 Using Platypus will make the world better. I don't see any reason to place restrictions on usage.

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