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A totally unique indie video game. At its heart is a programmatic replica of Mendelian genetics, and the gameplay is based on real-time Darwinian selection. You can either compete to breed a flower that reaches the sky, or let ambient mode play out for hours or days or weeks.
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A Plant Evolution Game


  • Version 1.0 - Genes, Alleles, Mutations, & Randomized Sexual Reproduction with Mendelian Genetics
  • Version 1.1 - Basic Artificial Selection & Gamification

  • Version 2.0 - Authentication, Basic Server Side Functionality, & Independent Hosting


  • Version 3.0 - Advanced Stylization & Game Design
  • Version 3.1 - Advanced Gamification

to add/ideas:

  • update flower structure so that all points are non-verlet; instead, use simple x/y points placed relationally to uppermost segment using trig. Will fix inverted flower bug. (Can add 3 invisible segments to give flower effective physicality, so it will not pass through walls, etc.)
  • add complexity to flowers by adding radial symmetry, variable petal counts, petal layers, petal lengths, petal shapes, petal gradients/stripes, etc.
  • ability to isolate flowers in different sections so that only flowers in same section polinate one another
  • image capture & record every mid summer
  • ability to view first generation garden snapshot & compare to current
  • plant stalk branching and multiple flowers per plant
  • drawer with menu for each gene and current allele values averages, plus ability to select any individual plant to reveal its genes
  • social: users can trade flower breeds for cross-breeding
  • selective seed storing & planting
  • swiping for breeze on ambient mode
  • changing seasonal backgrounds to imagery of hills or woods, etc.
  • possibly winter snowfall
  • music & sounds (different music for different seasons, birds chirping, etc.)
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