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Example Maven 2.0 projects for a 2-day Maven training course
Java Groovy CSS Shell
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sample01-barestbones Adding gradle build files
sample02-cobertura Updating names (artifactIds) of projects to match their folder names
sample02-dependency Adding reading of properties from files, exampls for defining the ver…
sample02b-analyzedepmgt Updating names (artifactIds) of projects to match their folder names
sample02b-profilewithprops Added project that showcases toggling properties includes via a profile
sample04a-groovyapp Updating names (artifactIds) of projects to match their folder names
sample04c-grailsapp Updating names (artifactIds) of projects to match their folder names
sample05-importscope Updating names (artifactIds) of projects to match their folder names
sample07-pluginmanagement Updating names (artifactIds) of projects to match their folder names
sample08a-multimodulejava Adding a default goal and additional dependency to the sample08 project
sample08b-multiprojejb Adding relative path to subproject parent reference
sample08c-multimodulejavaflattened Updating parent references on the flattened multi-module project
sample08d-multimodulerelative Adding relative path example
sample09a-exception Updating names (artifactIds) of projects to match their folder names
sample09b-debuggerattach Renaming lab numbers
sample11-gitscm_submodule.git @ 374f5b7 Updating module 11 from release plugin
sample12-echoantrun Sample for echoing output
sample12-jnlpwebstart Renaming lab numbers
sample15-eclipseimports Renaming lab numbers
sample17a-wicket-withunneededdependencies Adding an annotation to the project for Sonar analysis purposes
sample17b-wicket-withreports-to-nexussite Correcting trailing slash on URL and adding PDF report
sample18-prevent-plugin-inheritance Renaming lab numbers
sample19-groovy-unit-tests Renaming lab numbers
sample19b-originalgroovycompiler Renaming lab numbers
sample20-failsafe-integration-tests Renaming lab numbers
sample21-clover Renaming lab numbers
sample22-simple-site-from-archetype Renaming lab numbers
sample23-j2ee Adding .gitignore files for blank directories necessary for site PDF …
sample24-webapp-with-integrationtests Adding integration test that actually runs
sample25-quickstartarchetype-with-integrationtest New style archetype with integration test
sample27-versionrangefailure Setting ranges to fail
sample28-tcat-integrationtests Upgrading tomcat plugin to 1.0
sample30-assembly A working assembly that uses the LATEST version keyword -- Only works…
settings-examples Adding settings.xml example
.gitignore Ignoring gradle build artifacts
.gitmodules Adding module for sample 11 Adding backticks.

Maven Sample Projects

Git SCM-Integrated Maven Project

Sample 11 is a submodule. After cloning the top level project, type:

git submodule init
git submodule update

This will fetch the indicated Hash-referenced-version source for the submodule Sample 11.

SVN SCM-Integrated Maven Project

To checkout the subversion variant of Sample 11, type: svn co sample11-svnscm.svn


These samples were authored by Matthew McCullough of Ambient Ideas, LLC. If you have suggestions for improvements, fork the project on GitHub and issue a pull request. You can also email me at

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