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Stock Data Seeder
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Stock Data Seeder

The Stock Seeder is exactly that. A tool for getting basic stock data and historical stock daily results with which to start your stock history inquest.

Ideally this tool is focused at people who have some grasp of what the Python language is and how it can be used. However, simply following the instructions will generate a foundational stock history file, complete with most of the stocks in the S&P 1500 (large, mid, small cap), that you may import into a database or use within some other technical context.

Stuff to Know

  • This application retrieves historical stock data from It is a pay service. If you do not have a subscription, it will severely limit the benefits of this script.

  • The Python programming language and several python libraries will need to be installed to execute these scripts

    • It was built using Python 3.6.4 but should probably work with anything that starts with 3.
    • It uses the following libraries which can be installed with pip:
      • json
      • BeautifulSoup4
      • os
      • pandas
      • requests
      • sys
      • sqlalchemy
      • mysql-connector-python
    • There is a configuration file that is necessary to run the commands. It will be called config.json and a sample template is provided called example-config.json which you will have to edit at least a very small amount before running the script.
    • This application relies on data from both wikipedia and to work. I don't own those sites. If they break, it will break. But, the good news is that this seeder should only have to be run once. So, get in while it's early and you'll hopefully have nothing to worry about.
    • At the time of writing this, 06/06/2019, the first commit is being made. There are plans to expand this project that will come in time. To that end, some aspects of the operation may change as the idea and approach grow in size.
    • Check my update log here: log

How to Run It

This application is very simple to set up and run if you follow the instructions here:

  1. Clone this repository to your computer in a directory that is easy to access from the command line (Conda, Cmder, Powershell, etc.). It should run on a Mac or Linux environment probably much easier than Windows but I haven't tested it yet.

  2. As mentioned above, make sure that Python and the suggested libraries are installed. I could explain this but there is much better info on the internet and it will save us both time if I don't.

  3. Open the example-config.json file and edit the "eodAPItoken" property where it says "your-key-goes-here". You will replace it with a key from, as mentioned above. You really shouldn't have to edit any other values in the config unless you want to (at your own risk). SAVE THE FILE AS config.json.

  4. Open your command line tool and navigate to the location where you placed the files. You should see,, and the config file among others. Run the following commands:


this execution make take some time.


this one should go somewhat quickly.

If you choose to import the date into MySQL you can do so by adjusting the config file and performing the following:

python // will import the ALL of the possible data (stocklist, history, and all 4 indexes)

python stocklist // will import the stocklist only
python history // will import the complete stock daily history only
python indexes // will import the the corresponding vix, snp500, nasdaq and DJI data
python otherfiles // will import the otherfiles as listed in the config

this one will probably take some time as well. Additionally, once importing the files the history will be quite large, It may be wise to index the columns you search on (symbol, Date)

if there are issues, they will likely be indicated by warning messaage. Since not all stocks in the S&P 1500 are of the Nasdaq, NYSE, or AMEX exchanges, there may be a few which do not get imported. That said, there will be a good base with which to start.

Moving Forward

Obviously this is a very small effort but some of the subsequent effort will related to automating data updates, creating visualization code, and creating and overall predictive evaluation machine. Depending on the extent to which those efforts grow, they may be put in separate repositories. Please reach out if you'd like to chat.

Misc. Updates Log

I have added this section for log notes of recent updates. As of writing this, updates are as follows:

  • 07/07/2019 -- In the next couple of days, I am going to remove the branch with the Angular web app in it. It should be in its own repo and since it will require services and the like it's complexity will scale beyond the scope of the stock seeder. To that end, links will be provided to the new web and services repos when they are available.

  • 06/25/2019 -- Added request and MySQL import of historical consumer price index (CPI).

  • 06/24/2019 -- Added the web-scraped file and MySQL import of bond interest rates. For many of these, the seeder imports to MySQL somewhat generically and doesn't properly type columns. Since some columns are floats they should be set to decimal and dates should be converted to a date or datetime as well to get appropriate performance, calculations, and comparisons.

  • 06/18/2019 -- Some edits were made to the MySQL import to support importing the index files into MySQL as well. Now the command will have to contain an argument which specifies what is beling imported. Otherwise, the script will attempt to import all.

  • 06/17/2019 -- I have added some code to pull Dow, Nasdaq, Vix and S&P 500 index history from Yahoo. I got some of the code to support this from here: Interact with the yahoo finance API using python's requests library


This project was created by Mattew Metzger. Please feel free to add me on LinkedIn (please explain the context).

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