Java library for creating a session on server side to an XMPP server using BOSH prebinding
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XMPP Prebind for Java

This class is for prebinding a XMPP Session with Java.

The code is based on the Candy Chat XMPP Prebind code for PHP ( Usage

  • Clone the repo

Example usage:

 * Create a new XMPP Object with the required params
 * @param String boshHost Jabber Server Host
 * @param String xmppDomain XMPP Domain
 * @param String boshUri    Full URI to the http-bind
 * @param String resource   Resource identifier (example "Work")
 * @param String boshPort	Bosh Port Number (usually 7070)
 * @param boolean   useSsl     Use SSL 
 * @param boolean   debug      Enable debug
	XMPPPrebind xmppPrebind = new XMPPPrebind(boshHost, xmppDomain, boshUri, resource, boshPort, useSsl, debug);
        xmppPrebind.connect(username, password);
        SessionInfo sessionInfo = xmppPrebind.getSessionInfo();
        System.out.println("jid:" + sessionInfo.getJid());
        System.out.println("sid:" + sessionInfo.getSid());
        System.out.println("rid:" + sessionInfo.getRid());
  • You should now have a working prebinding with Java!


If something doesn't work, you can enable Debug.

Here be dragons

This class is in no way feature complete. There may also be bugs.