Simple service connecting PostgreSQL notifications to Amazon SNS.
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PostgreSQL Bridge

Simple bridge for PostgreSQL notifications

Bridge Support

Additional Features

  • Optional health checks to ensure that this service is operating normally
  • A Dockerfile to easily deploy this service to any docker-friendly cloud provider

Running this Service with config file

pg-bridge --conf bridge.json

Example Configuration

  "postgres": {
    "url": "postgres://user:pass@localhost:5432/database"
  "routes": [
    "task.update arn:aws:sns:us-west-2:1234:somewhere"
  "health": {
    "port": 5000,
    "path": "/health"

Running this Service with environment variables

export PGBRIDGE='{"postgres": {"url": "postgres://user:pass@localhost:5432/database"},"routes": ["task.create", "task.update arn:aws:sns:us-west-2:1234:somewhere"], "health": {"port": 5000, "path": "/health"}}'


Possible issues:

You may need to set the following AWS environment variables: AWS_REGION=eu-west-2 AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=... AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=...


  • SQS support