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I hope this helps you, but I have to be honest: I'm not really working on this anymore, and so I can't rule out that there are things that don't work right etc etc etc. If you want to contribute or fork or anything, please do! But I just don't really have the bandwidth for bugfixes, let alone feature requests! Sorry :(.

Jekyll JSON

Jekyll JSON turns YAML config into JSON, so that you can use it in Javascript.

Passed a YAML key, it'll return a JSON, combining the page specific YAML with any config in _config.yml (using the value set on the page wherever there's a conflict).


Plonk jekyll_json.rb in your _plugins directory.

Use the tag like this:

{% yaml_to_json yaml_key_goes_here %}

An example

In _config.yml:

    provider: google_js
    api_key: 123456
    zoom: 10
        width: 600
        height: 400

In a page's front matter:

    latitude: 0
    longitude: 0
        width: 500
        height: 500

In your layout:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var some_object = {% yaml_to_json mapping %};


<script type="text/javascript">
    var some_object = {