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@@ -14,6 +14,12 @@ Jekyll Slideshow will take care of making thumbnail sized versions of all your i
If you're already using plugins with your Jekyll install, drop the contents of the '_plugins' folder into your '_plugins' folder. If you aren't, just copy the folder across.
+This plugin uses the nokogiri and RMagick gems, so you'll need to
+ gem install nokogiri
+and [install RMagick](
Copy the 'jesl' folder across into your project, too.
In your templates/layouts, include the relevant JS/CSS, and jQuery if you aren't already (for now, Jekyll Slideshow requires jQuery [sorry about that]):
@@ -42,6 +48,14 @@ If you'd like to specify the thumbnail size, you can set this in _config.yml lik
If you checkout the branch 'example' you can see an example site.
+### Browser support
+The slideshow works in modern browsers, and IE7 up; please raise any problems as issues. The thumbnails are displayed using
+ display: inline-block;
+inline-block isn't supported on IE7, so if that matters you might want to add an appropriate CSS rule to get the desired styling.
### Questions, feedback, etc
I'd love to hear questions, feedback, suggestions, whatever. :).

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