Nokogiri adds DOCTYPEs #1

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Nokogiri adds DOCTYPEs to the body of the output, from the cheat sheet:

Generally speaking, unless you expect to have a DOCTYPE and a single root node,
you don’t have a document, you have a fragment. For HTML, another rule of thumb
is that documents have html and body tags, and fragments usually do not.

Changing line 47 from doc = Nokogiri::HTML(content) to doc = Nokogiri::HTML.fragment(content) fixes it.

Jekyll 0.11.2
Nokogiri 1.5.5


Oh man, how silly! Can't believe I didn't notice that - thanks for pointing out.


@matthewowen matthewowen added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 16, 2012
@matthewowen #1 fix: Update use of nokogiri
Fix rather silly error resulting in outputting DOCTYPE, head, etc.
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