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ES6 modules for ES5 browsers
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es6modulesnow - ALPHA VERSION!

Bring ES6 modules to the browser, today.

Simply write modules with the ES6 style and this library will load and compile them into AMD compatible modules. There are two ways to include ES6 modules in your web app:

Harmony opt-in

Include the es6modulesnow library in your page and then simple add harmony compatible script tags like so:

<script src="es6modulesnow.min.js"></script>
<script type="application/harmony" data-src="main.js"></script>

System loader

A system module loader is also included and can be used:

<script src="es6modulesnow.min.js"></script>
System.load('main.js', function(mainModule) {
  // Do stuff with your module.


Most of the work of this project has been done by others. I merely pieced together these packages (and to some degree bent them to my needs):

  • es6-module-transpiler - Does the hard work of transpiling the ES6 module system into AMD modules. This project works in Node, so if you are hoping for a compile-time solution, this is probably the way to go. I merely broke this package apart into the pieces I needed and removed the Node dependencies.

  • es6-module-loader - Provides module loading capabilities.

  • Almond - Rather than build my own dependency manager, I just use Almond.

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