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Due to costs and lack of interest, I’ve had to take down the Charter service.

If you’re interested in running your own copy, get in touch and I can send you the database backups.

An iOS client for the Swift mailing lists by @_matthewpalmer.


How do I run the iOS app?

You can download it from the App Store or run it yourself:

  1. git clone
  2. cd iOS/Charter
  3. pod install
  4. open Charter.xcworkspace
  5. Run the app! Everything should be good to go.

How do I run the backend?

Running the backend is a little more tedious because it involves importing a bunch of archival data from the website. Check out the README in the /Backend directory.

Can I contribute?

Of course! We’d love to see contributions from everyone, especially people trying to scratch an itch they’ve found after using the app. If you come across anything you want to work on, open an issue and get started.

If you’re keen to contribute but don’t feel like coding, there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be done. We’re always trying to

  • improve the visual design of the app
  • improve the app icon
  • improve App Store marketing—think copy writing for the description, gorgeous screenshots, and maybe even a product video preview
  • translation and localisation (!!!)
  • improve the speed of the server or make the database more efficient
  • make suggestions, report bugs, ask questions, help people who ask questions

If you do any of the above, remember to open a PR to add yourself to the CONTRIBUTORS file! After a few contributions, we’ll give you push access so you can review and merge pull requests.


My personal thanks to everyone who has contributed to Charter!

  • haawa799 — improved access to the App Store listing from the README
  • FranciscoAmado — added localizations for Portugese and Spanish
  • denissezavala — added refreshing threads when the view loads and improved the threads list’s design
  • fortinmike — added the previous and next buttons to the conversation view


A Swift mailing list client for iPhone and iPad



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