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Apple push notifications for Dovecot.

This repository contains the following components:

  • A patch against Dovecot 2.2 that adds Apple push support. This is based on Apple's own open-source implementation. The patch adds XAPPLEPUSHSERVICE support to Dovecot, and a push-notification plugin "push_notify".
  •, a simple push-notification agent that receives messages from Dovecot and pushes them to iOS devices.
  •, an evil hack that watches mailboxes for changes. Use this or the push_notify plugin, but not both. This agent is able to push all mailbox changes, not just new message delivery. At the expense of being an evil hack and not very portable.

You will require an Apple application integration certificate exported from an Apple macOS server (High Sierra or earlier).

Dovecot configuration:

protocol lda { mail_plugins = $mail_plugins push_notify } (or use

aps_topic = (should match UID field in push certificate)

A note about Mojave and iOS 12

macOS 10.14 no longer includes the Mail server component and cannot be used to generate a suitable push certificate. Although 10.14 uses push notifications for device management, it appears that iOS mail will not accept notifications that do not use the topic.

Push notifications continue to work on iOS 12 using a certificate generated on 10.13 or earlier.