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Sometimes it's handy to be able to easily extract a list of email addresses from your Outlook PST or OST file.
The 'old fashioned' way of doing this is to export the mailbox to a CSV file, and only include email addresses as a field. But with large mailboxes, this can be time consuming and cumbersome, and outlook will often include internal sender ID's instead of email addresses, which are not overly useful.

What this application does

This application simply opens an Outlook profile and iterates through every message, building a collection of email addresses as it goes.

It also counts how often an email address is used, as this is a useful metric.


The application makes use of the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook assembly.

You need to have Microsoft Outlook installed on your PC - otherwise the Interop assembly has nothing to talk to.


This project was created by and maintained by Matthew Proctor @mattproctorau, as an example of how to extract email addresses from Microsoft Outlook.

Where to learn more?

Learn more about this project at