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Included Configuration Files

These are the configuration files (dot files) that I use for my MacBook and Ubuntu servers/slices. Files have been included for:

Initial Setup

To start using this repository, run:

  1. Clone the repositoiry using git clone
  2. Deploy the dot-files by running ./

Update from Github

Whenever you want to pull the latest updates from GitHub use:

$ git pull

What does actually do?

This script does the following:

  • Expects to be run from the directory containing the dot-files that have been cloned from github (e.g., /Users/me/dev/dot-files/)
  • On a per file basis, checks to see if symlinks from the user's home directory to the dot-files directory already exist and checks to make sure that the file in the dot-files directory does exist.
  • If a symlink does not exist but the file does exist in the dot-files directory, then the current file in the user's home directory will be backed up and a symlink will be created
  • By using symlinks instead of copying files, the script only needs to be run one time. To update simply clone the github repository using git pull.