Animated GIF resizer, optimizer, trimmer for Mac. Uses Gifsicle under the hood
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GIFPop Icon


GIFPop is a simple & free animated .GIF editor for Mac, written in Swift. Its minimal UI wraps gifsicle under the hood, and currently supports the following:

  • Resizing
  • Optimizing
  • Trimming frames
  • Reducing colors

How To Use

  1. Drag a .gif onto the preview pane (or hit Cmd-O to choose a file)
  2. Adjust the size, trimming, and other options if needed (Note: only resizing is reflected in the preview, trimming and other options will be visible in the saved GIF)
  3. Click 'Save GIF...' to export the new GIF

GIFPop Demo


  • Either download and run the .xcodeproj, or you can use the precompiled app (below)
  • If you have gifsicle installed, GIFPop will use your existing build for processing
  • If you don't have gifsicle installed, GIFPop will use the precompiled version bundled with app

System Requirements

  • GIFPop currently targets macOS 10.9+

Precompiled Binary

GIFPop is also available as a prebuilt (and unsigned) app here: (Last update: 10/16/2016)


GIFPop provides a simple GUI for a few commonly-used features of gifsicle, however it barely scratches the surface of what Gifsicle can do. For more options, you can run Gifsicle from the command-line.


GIFPop is still a work-in-progress. Current ToDo's include:

  • Process GIFs in background and provide live previews (so that trimming, optimization, etc. are visible in the preview)
  • Support export of resized gif by drag-and-drop
  • Improve constraints when very large GIFs are loaded
  • Add options for frame delay changes
  • Remember previously used options on launch (default optimization, etc)?
  • Fix drag of new GIFs onto preview pane
  • Provide a spinner or progress bar while processing large GIFs


Matt Reagan - Website: - Twitter: @hmblebee


GIFPop's source code and related resources are Copyright (C) Matthew Reagan 2016. The source code is released under the MIT License. Gifsicle is distributed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.


  • GIFPop is just a UI wrapper for the very awesome Gifsicle tool. For more info visit the gifsicle Homepage