Deformable 3D terrain in SceneKit
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TerrainMesh Demo


TerrainMesh is a SCNNode subclass which aims to simplify the creation of custom SceneKit geometry for triangle meshes. It also provides built-in support/example APIs for deformation and manipulation of the mesh.

It was created as a simple / fun exploratory demonstration of deformable SceneKit terrain.

Related Article

For a more in-depth explanation of this class and how to use custom geometry with SceneKit, see the blog post here:


The TerrainMesh class can be used as-is for a variety of purposes including terrain generation or manipulation, but it is by no means the most efficient or practical way of achieving this. For more links on the topic, please check out the blog post linked above.


Matt Reagan - Website: - Twitter: @hmblebee


Source code and related resources are Copyright (C) Matthew Reagan 2016. The source code is released under the MIT License.