A python script to rename image files based on date photo taken from EXIF metadata
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Rename Images with Date Photo Taken

Purpose: Renames image files in a folder based on date photo taken from EXIF metadata

Author: Matthew Renze

Usage: python.exe Rename.py input-folder

  • input-folder = the directory containing the image files to be renamed

Example: python.exe Rename.py C:\Photos


  • Given a photo named "Photo Apr 01, 5 54 17 PM.jpg"
  • with EXIF date taken of "4/1/2018 5:54:17 PM"
  • when you run this script on it's parent folder
  • then it will be renamed "20180401-175417.jpg"


  • For safety, please make a backup before running this script
  • Currently only designed to work with .jpg, .jpeg, and .png files
  • EXIF metadate must exist or an error will occur