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Charles Matthews edited this page Mar 2, 2019 · 1 revision

Instrument Maker

This is an open source framework for digital instrument building with sensors, with improving access in mind. For Pure Data running on Bela / Raspberry Pi + Arduino. Code developed by Charles Matthews, with workshops currently in development in collaboration with Gift Tshuma and more in the pipeline. Get in touch if you would like to contribute!

Distributed under the terms of the GNU Public license version 3 (for now / not sure how appropriate to this project / need to read up on this).


Instrument Maker is one of my first public repos, and will definitely be messy for a little while. I'm relatively new to Open Source culture - please call me out and/or help me understand if you disagree with anything on here. Same goes for Disability and accessibility issues.

This document in itself is a work in progress, and an invitation to conversation. At present, I'd rather have a long page with all the thinking visible, than try to break it up into hidden sections. If this causes problems in accessing the material, please get in touch and I will gladly provide you with an appropriate alternative until such a time that I can provide more general options.

About the code: the current version is not ready for public consumption (see the technical notes below); please feel free to explore the code, and download and try out the abstractions if you are familiar with Pure Data..but I recommend waiting a little while until everything's more coherent.