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Here is my vim config

It's still freshly made, but I'm pretty happy with where it is..

Should be stated, I'm runnning vim via terminal, not a gui.

Should also probably be stated, that I'm running solarized in terminal too. Noticed that even though the soloraized color mode for terminal worked fine I still had to manually set the colors 0-15 to what soloraized has set. Only then could I get my vim solarized color mode working properly.

See .gitmodules for submodules I'm using for vim plugins.

My vim looks like:

Vim-screenshot Vim-screenshot2


  • I've add tern, it requires a $ npm install after the submodule is cloned, heads up.

Get started:

From ~/

  • git clone && cd vim-config
  • git submodule init && git submodule update
  • cd .vim/bundle/tern_for_vim/ && npm i && cd ../../../
  • make
  • Done!