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Glossa is a culture and language documentation notebook for doing linguistic analysis and cultural research. It is intended to be aproachable for a non-technical user.

Table of Contents

Quick Setup

  • Get this project (do how you do... download the .zip or clone the repo)

  • Navigate to the repository

$ cd /your/path/to/glossa
  • Make sure you have node.js, npm, gulp, electron and bower installed

  • Install Glossa's dependancies

$ npm install && bower install
  • Gulp it, baby.
$ gulp serve


☟ Current iteration of the audio transcription interface in the baseline editor.

It is alive.

"It better be pretty, because you'll spend way too much time here."

☟ Here is the fancy-shmancy Project Management Drawer.

Clone a corpus or view and edit your dictionary! Add affix templates or browse grammatical categories! Don't know what we're talking about? Neither do we (j/k). We've put hecka' helps in there to aid you on your language documentation journey.


  • Audio Transcription Controls
  • Corpus Management
  • Interlinearization Vernacular texts for...
  • Lexicon and Dictionary development


  • Cultural Observation Notebook
  • Notebook and project sharing
  • Lexicon and Dictionary export
  • Lots of Helps for Language analysis and actually using Glossa.


  • One day, we'll develop a mobile data collection app, so those tiny sensor laden devices we carry around all day can collect culture and language data for later analysis. We'll have a fancy API to let those devices put your data into your culture notebook with ease. Smart coder people could use it too, for their own malefic purposes.
  • One day we'll also have a self-hosted server app for backing up and sharing language projects on a LAN... specifically for those offline teams working in remote and un-connected locations.