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Getting Started

  1. brew install bazel


Command Line

  1. bazel build //src:common


  1. Install IntelliJ.
  2. Install the Intellij with Bazel plugin.
  3. "Import from workspace" the src/common.bazelproject file.


Command Line

Using Android Studio to get the Android SDK here...

  1. Install Android Studio.
  2. ln -s ~/Library/Android third_party/android
  3. ./tools/android
  • Tools
    • Android SDK Build-tools 22.0.1
  • Android 5.1.1 (API 22)
    • SDK Platform
    • Intel x86 Atom 64 System Image
    • Sources for Android SDK
  1. bazel build //src:android

Virtual Device

  1. ./tools/android create avd -t android-22 -device "Nexus 4" -n matthewtodd
  2. In Android Studio -> Tools -> Android -> AVD Manager, check Enable Device Frame.
  3. ./tools/emulator -avd matthewtodd &
  4. bazel mobile-install //src:android

Physical Device

  1. Turn on Settings -> Developer options -> USB Debugging.
  2. bazel mobile-install //src:android

Android Studio

  1. Install the Android Studio with Bazel plugin.
  2. "Import from workspace" the src/android.bazelproject file.

Adding dependencies



  1. Common

  2. Android

  3. Web

  4. Spike on GWT transpiling. * Use rules_gwt? * How about rules_closure?

  5. iOS

  6. Could work around it, but waiting for j2objc_library to work.

  7. macOS! 1. Waiting for crosstool support in ObjC rules.

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