A(nother) port of TextMate's Twilight theme to Vim.
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I used to love TextMate's Twilight theme.

The latest VimCast, http://vimcasts.org/e/25, linked to a utility for
converting TextMate themes to Vim colorschemes,
http://github.com/sickill/coloration, so I'm trying it out.

I had looked into porting Twilight to Vim before (and vimscripts.org has a
couple of attempts at it), but ran into an impedance mismatch: TextMate colors
(can) include an alpha channel, which Vim doesn't handle, so you don't get a
true copy.

Somehow, though, these results look pretty sweet.

I've also used http://shawncplus.github.com/Vim-toCterm to provide 256-color
terminal support, although, while the result is reasonable in itself, it
(understandably) doesn't seem to recreate the subtlety of the original.