A simple Android Application that shows different ways of performing actions with Robotium.
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A simple Android Application with a suite of tests in Robotium.

The tests contain my notes on the different ways the platform can be used. It's a work in progress.

The tictacro package contains an interactive game, play against the Robot! Don't let him infect your Activity! This is also a work in progress. For now all the Robot can do is (randomly) select moves.

Deploy RobotiumTutorial as a standalone Application or run a TestRobotiumTutorial source file as an Android Test.

To run the test that involves Fragments, testPagerFragmentsPickersRadioActivity(): Add the support-v4 lib to TestRobotiumTutorial's classpath, with a scope of "Provided"

To setup on Intellij for Mac or Windows:

    Import a project from existing sources from the root RobotiumTutorial folder.

    Choose both the RobotiumTutorial and TestRobotiumTutorial src folders as source folders.

    Create an Android project, API level 15 (4.0.3) recommended.