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TMX Parser for Loom Game Engine

Inspired by this discussion on the Loom Forums.

This is a pretty simple parser for TMX files produced by Tiled with a delegate-driven interface for handling the parsing of different elements.

Using the library is pretty simple:

    import loom.Application;
    import loom2d.display.StageScaleMode;

    import tmx.*;

    public class TMXTest extends Application
        override public function run():void
            // Comment out this line to turn off automatic scaling.
            stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.LETTERBOX;

            // Load our tmx file and listen for when parts of it are parsed.
            var tmx:TMXDocument = new TMXDocument("assets/tiled_examples/object_test.tmx");
            tmx.onTilesetParsed += onTilesetParsed;
            tmx.onLayerParsed += onLayerParsed;
            tmx.onObjectGroupParsed += onObjectGroupParsed;
            tmx.onImageLayerParsed += onImageLayerParsed;
            tmx.onPropertiesParsed += onPropertiesParsed;
            tmx.onTMXUpdated += onTMXUpdated;
            tmx.onTMXLoadComplete += onTMXLoadComplete;

            // Create a displayable map sprite that auto-updates when the map updates.
            var map:TMXMapSprite = new TMXMapSprite(tmx);

            // Load up the map.

        public function onTMXUpdated(file:String, tmx:TMXDocument):void
            // Called when TMX loads or has changed on disk

        public function onTilesetParsed(file:String, tileset:TMXTileset):void
            // Handle parsing of a tileset

        public function onLayerParsed(file:String, layer:TMXLayer):void
            // Handle parsing of a layer

        public function onObjectGroupParsed(file:String, group:TMXObjectGroup):void
            // Handle parsing of an object group

        public function onImageLayerParsed(file:String, imageLayer:TMXImageLayer):void
            // Handle parsing of an image layer

        public function onPropertiesParsed(file:String, properties:Dictionary.<String, String>):void
            // Called when map's properties have loaded

        public function onTMXLoadComplete(file:String, tmx:TMXDocument):void
            // Called when the TMX finishes loading

The above example is a simplified version of the provided app ( that comes with this repo. To see more of what's possible with the API, please tinker with it a bit (although the above example just showed you damn near everything).

Still TODO:

  • Parser: support gzip compressed layers
  • Parser: support embedded image data