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Gomill is a suite of tools, and a Python library, for use in developing and testing Go-playing programs. It is based around the Go Text Protocol (GTP) and the Smart Game Format (SGF).

Full documentation and contact information is available from the home page.


Gomill requires Python 2.5, 2.6, or 2.7.

Gomill is intended to run on any modern Unix-like system.

A Python 3 version of the SGF code is available as a separate Sgfmill project.

Building the documentation

To build the HTML documentation yourself:

sphinx-build -c gomill_docs -b html gomill_docs build/html_docs

The documentation will be generated in build/html_docs.


  • Sphinx version 1.0 or later (at least 1.0.4 recommended; tested with 1.4)
  • LaTeX
  • dvipng

Running the tests

To run the tests:

python -m gomill_tests.run_gomill_testsuite