weewx driver for fine offset wh23xx hardware (tycon tp2700)
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Copyright 2016 Matthew Wall
License: GPLv3

This is a weewx driver for Fine Offset WH23xx hardware.  These stations are
commonly available as Tycon TP2700 and Froggit WH4000 weather stations.


0) install weewx, select 'Simulator' driver


1) download the driver

wget -O weewx-wh23xx.zip https://github.com/matthewwall/weewx-wh23xx/archive/master.zip

2) install the driver

sudo wee_extension --install weewx-wh23xx.zip

3) configure the driver

sudo wee_config --reconfigure

4) start weewx

sudo /etc/init.d/weewx start