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import os
from .lib import StringIO
from .processors import ProcessorPipeline
from .utils import (img_to_fobj, open_image, IKContentFile, extension_to_format,
class SpecFileGenerator(object):
def __init__(self, processors=None, format=None, options=None,
autoconvert=True, storage=None):
self.processors = processors
self.format = format
self.options = options or {}
self.autoconvert = autoconvert = storage
def process_content(self, content, filename=None, source_file=None):
img = open_image(content)
original_format = img.format
# Run the processors
processors = self.processors
if callable(processors):
processors = processors(source_file)
img = ProcessorPipeline(processors or []).process(img)
options = dict(self.options or {})
# Determine the format.
format = self.format
if filename and not format:
# Try to guess the format from the extension.
extension = os.path.splitext(filename)[1].lower()
if extension:
format = extension_to_format(extension)
except UnknownExtensionError:
format = format or img.format or original_format or 'JPEG'
imgfile = img_to_fobj(img, format, **options)
content = IKContentFile(filename,, format=format)
return img, content
def generate_file(self, filename, source_file, save=True):
Generates a new image file by processing the source file and returns
the content of the result, ready for saving.
if source_file: # TODO: Should we error here or something if the source_file doesn't exist?
# Process the original image file.
fp =
except IOError:
fp = StringIO(
img, content = self.process_content(fp, filename, source_file)
if save:
storage = or, content)
return content
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