"Bus error: 10" fix #129

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The really serious bug fix in my pull request is: Kronuz@9ca5d7e ...which made python crash with a "Bus error: 10" here.

The others are adding Watermark and a "Frame" processor as well as using RGBA for reflections and the faster cStringIO module.


Thanks @Kronuz! Is there any chance you could split these into multiple pull requests? It seems like there are a bunch of unrelated things in this one and it would be nice to discuss them and merge them independently.


I've pulled in 784afcc and 89f2aa7 as-is. c1b4c9b is a slight variation on 2dd2937.

I'd like some more discussion about 9ca5d7e and 511061a before they get merged; ideally they should have separate pull requests. If you don't get to it, I'll try to break them out but it may be a little while.

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