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This Grails plugin integrates elFinder ( by wrapping the existing elFinder servlets (


  • Install the plugin
  • Use tag <g:elfinder /> to include elfinder.
  • In your Config.groovy, specify the home directory, i.e. the directory accessible with elfinder: elfinder.homeSharedDocs = "/tmp/shared"

Integrate with CKEditor

Use ckeditor attribute (e.g. <g:elfinder ckeditor="1" />) and follow these instructions to configure CKEditor:

Authentication / Authorization

In your Config.groovy, set elfinder.authentication. It must implement the org.elfinder.ServletAuthentication interface. You have to implement the method public boolean isAllowed(HttpServletRequest request) that returns true iff access should be granted.

Important: read access via virtualproxy servlet is always granted. elfinder.authentication applies only to write, delete, ...

Here is an example how to integrate Spring Security.

// Integration of Spring Security Core in elfinder servlets

elfinder.authentication = new org.elfinder.ServletAuthentication() {

  private final static String SECURITY_ROLE = 'ROLE_ADMIN'

  public boolean isAllowed(HttpServletRequest request) {
    try {
      SecurityContextHolder.context.authentication.principal.authorities.find({auth -> auth.authority == SECURITY_ROLE})
    catch (Exception e) {
      // invalid session cookie provided
      return false

What it looks like

alt text