Tools for working with the linux kernel sources.
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kernel shell / kernels helper

Linux kernel workflow utilities

These scripts could be helpful for other projects as well... maybe.


The kernelsh script is a simple command caller and simply calls the kernelsh-* scripts for you, so you can do kernelsh apply-mbox <args...> for example.

All scripts provide a help flag "-h" or "--help".

The kernelsh script itself can be called with "-h", too.

This is only for the linux kernel, right?

My very first idea of the scripts were and still are for kernel development. But they (or some of them) can be useful for other projects, too.

For example the apply-mbox command can be used in other projects as well if you use email-patch workflows where you send your patches via mail around.


Submitting issues, patches or feature-requests via the github issue tracker, please.

If you submit sources: They must be executeable right away. I do not accept stuff which must get compiled on the first hand. So propably all non-scripting languages are out. But I really do not care if you submit Perl, Ruby, Python, Bash, sed or awk, as long the source is readable and I can execute the scripts without installing some additional software. Don't forget to put comments in your code!

(For example: I do not install a PHP interpreter on my machine just to be able to run a kernel helper script! The upper examples of scripting languages can be assumed as standard-install on a todays linux machine, and that's what we want)


Please have a look at the LICENSE file shipped with the repository.