Templates for pandoc papers, with Makefile suite to compile one content into N papers and a website/presentation
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This is a template for a scientific paper compiled with pandoc. This repository contains several templates, so one can compile the content into a default paper, an ASME paper and a HFU paper (template for my university), as well as into a website.

The idea is to have one content which can be compiled into N paper templates.

More templates will follow as I need them.


Thanks to the creator of vimpreviewpandoc, where the plantuml, blockdiag, seqdiag, actdiag, nwdiag, packetdiag, rackdiag and R support was taken from.


Everything you see is licensed under GPLv2, except stated otherwise. The templates which live under the './template' directory are not necessarily written by me and remain under their respective license.

Contrib / Support

This repo is public, yes. This repo is GPLv2, yes. But I not care about your bugs here. If you find a bug, fix it yourself. I'd happily apply patches, as long as they do not break my workflow, but I won't help you with your problems as long as this stuff here works for me.

Reason: This is mainly because I have to write thesis, work and some other commitments. It does not mean that this state will not change, maybe I will support this at some time in the future, but for now, this is because I need this functionality.