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utils in C, including implementation of linked list, stack and looking forward to a binary tree.

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This is a set of utils in C


- a linked list implementation 
- a stack implementation 

Major.Minor.Patchlevel[ optional self-explanatory stuff ]

	is changed when there is new functionality or API-Changes

	is changed when there are new features (E.G.: stack can be removed from 
	memory-> version 2.1.2 to 2.2.0)

	is changed when there are bugfixes.

Version 1.0.0
See the similar named tag. The tests are running, the stuff is working. If there
are any problems, please let me know / send a pull request! I would be pleased!

If you want to add functionality to the linkedlist, do it! I would love to see 
your ideas!

Version 2.0.0
Thanks to the guys from They gave me nice and constructive 

What's new:
* real data is stored. That caused some API-changes!
* a simple stack implementation is added
* conventions are fixes, also variable names are improved
* portability is improved (I can't test it!)
* speed fixes are done

Note: There will be no sorting for the linkedlist stuff!

	Version 2.1.0
	* print your stack or your linkedlist binary!

	Version 2.1.1
	* some bugfixes. Removing LinkedList from memory was fixed.

	Version 2.1.2
	* Just code-styling

	Version 2.2.0
	* Stack can be removed from memory
	* Some Bugfixes

	Version 2.3.0
	* limit the length of a LinkedList to a given value with the  ll_limit() function
	Version 2.3.1
	* keep the first n or the last n when using ll_limit() function

	Version 2.3.2
	* stack_is_empty() function was added to stack

	Version 2.3.3
	* stack bug-/compilerwarning-fixes

	Version 2.3.4
	* single bugfix
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