Skeinforge profiles for the RapMan 3.1 3d printer
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RapMan 3.1 Skeinforge profiles

These are Skeinforge 50 ( profiles for the RapMan 3.1 printer from BitsFromBytes. The settings are mostly copied over from the BitsFromBytes Axon 2 software to pure Skeinforge with some modifications.

Profile Naming

The profile names are made up of a few different tokens:

  • RM3.1 -- Indicates RapMan v3.1
  • PLAXX -- Name of the PLA. Currently there is PLA45 (PLA which melts at ~195°C) and there will be PLA90 (High temperature PLA which melts at ~210°C). See the Orbi-Tech Webshop for specific characteristics.
  • ZX.XX -- Height of the layers in mm
  • nr -- creates no raft
  • r -- creates raft
  • x -- Times speed (16mm/s is 1.0)
  • fine -- Indicates thin walls


Merge both the alterations folder and the profiles folder into your .skeinforge folder. On Mac and Linux this is in your Home directory (~/.skeinforge), on Windows it is in C:\Users\<Your Username>\.skeinforge. If the .skeinforge folder doesn't exist, you have to create it.

Remember, on Linux and Mac the folder will be hidden from you. To navigate to the folder on a Mac, open the Finder and press Shift-Command-G and enter ~/.skeinforge. On Ubuntu Linux you can simply press Ctrl+H in Nautilus to reveal hidden files and folders.


You can enable the raft for any profile. Select the raft tab and set both Base Layer and Interface Layers to 1. A raft is especially useful when the model won't stick to the build platform properly.


To print models with overhangs greater than 45°, it is recommended to use support material. To enable support material, select the raft tab and set Support Material Choice to Everywhere.