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Simple plugin which automatically runs mocha.
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NOTE: node.js under windows has a bug where it does not always flush console.log output before exiting. This is most prominent when redirecting to another file or process (which is what mocha-runner does). Therefore the output sometimes screws up especially it is the reason the stack trace does not appear on errors. Ticket:

Whenever a file is saved it searches the directory tree upwards for a test folder. When one is found it runs mocha.

The runner writes success and a timestamp into the status bar of the currently saved view. When mocha detects failures it writes all failed tests TAP style to a new output view.

There are no settings it disable it yet and ALWAYS runs mocha whenever a folder named test is detected. This should not cause any problems though.

NOTE: The program under test should not output anything to the console. This would screw up the TAP output required for parsing and most likely also the tests.

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