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Another newsletter subscription app.

Subscription flow

  • User enters his/her email address on /newsletter/.
  • A mail is sent to the given address containing a link of the form /newsletter/s/<signed_email_address>/.
  • Upon visiting the link the user is immediately subscribed for the newsletter. Optionally, a form asking the user for additional data is shown.

Unsubscription flow

  • The user enters his/her email address on /newsletter/ and is immediately unsubscribed.
  • An email is sent to the user informing him/her that the unsubscription took place. A link is provided to immediately subscribe again in case the unsubscription was not meant to take place. The link is of the form /newsletter/r/<signed_email_address>/.

Subscription model

The minimal set of database fields is as follows:

  • email (EmailField, unique)
  • is_active (BooleanField, defaults to False)


This example assumes you are using at least Django 1.4.

  1. Install django-newsletter-subscription using pip.

  2. Add a concrete model inheriting newsletter_subscription.models.SubscriptionBase with optionally additional fields about the subscription. You should be prepared to work without those additional fields -- their presence is not enforced as per the subscription flow description above. A full example:

    from django.db import models
    from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
    from newsletter_subscription.models import SubscriptionBase
    class Subscription(SubscriptionBase):
        full_name = models.CharField(_('full name'), max_length=100, blank=True)
  3. Add the URLconf entry:

    from .newsletter.models import Subscription
    from newsletter_subscription.backend import ModelBackend
    from newsletter_subscription.urls import newsletter_subscriptions_urlpatterns
    urlpatterns += patterns(
  4. Register your own subscription model with django.contrib.admin.

  5. Add newsletter_subscription to INSTALLED_APPS if you want to use the bundled templates. The templates require Towel's towel_form_tags template tag library.

  6. Ensure that Django's messages framework is activated and that the messages are included in your templates, otherwise ``django-newsletter-subscriptions``s notifications will not be shown to the users.