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cargo cache

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Display information on the cargo cache (~/.cargo/ or $CARGO_HOME). Optional cache pruning.

Screenshot of cargo cache default output (it's listed below also in textual form)

Key Features:

  • check the size of the cargo cache and its components (cmd: cargo cache)
  • do a simple cleanup removing checkouts but keeping original files needed for reconstruction on disk (--autoclean)
  • clean up everything (cargo will re-download as needed)
  • dry-run to see what would be removed (--dry-run)
  • recompress git repos (--gc)
  • search cache via regex queries (cargo cache query "reg.*x")
  • print crates that take the most space (--top-cache-items)
  • alternative registries supported
  • remove files older or younger than X (--remove-if-{older,younger}-than)
  • builds and runs on stable, beta and nightly channel
  • purge cache entries not unused to build a specified crate (cargo cache clean-unref)
  • print size stats on a local sccache build cache (cargo cache sc)


cargo install cargo-cache

or for the bleeding edge development version:

cargo install --git cargo-cache

Default output (cargo cache):

This only calculates the sizes and does not touch anything:

Cargo cache '/home/matthias/.cargo':

Total:                                4.22 GB
  102 installed binaries:           920.95 MB
  Registry:                           2.25 GB
    Registry index:                 227.07 MB
    4412 crate archives:            684.29 MB
    2411 crate source checkouts:      1.34 GB
  Git db:                             1.05 GB
    113 bare git repos:             993.72 MB
    9 git repo checkouts:            55.48 MB

To learn more about the subdirectories inside the cargo home and what can be safely deleted, check --info.


    cargo cache [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [SUBCOMMAND]

    -a, --autoclean              Removes crate source checkouts and git repo checkouts
    -e, --autoclean-expensive    As --autoclean, but also recompresses git repositories
    -d, --dry-run                Don't remove anything, just pretend
    -f, --fsck                   Fsck git repositories
    -g, --gc                     Recompress git repositories (may take some time)
    -h, --help                   Prints help information
    -i, --info                   Print information cache directories, what they are for and what can be safely deleted
    -l, --list-dirs              List all found directory paths
    -V, --version                Prints version information

    -k, --keep-duplicate-crates <N>        Remove all but N versions of crate in the source archives directory
    -r, --remove-dir <dir1,dir2,dir3>      Remove directories, accepted values: all,git-db,git-repos,
    -o, --remove-if-older-than <date>      Removes items older than specified date: YYYY.MM.DD or HH:MM:SS
    -y, --remove-if-younger-than <date>    Removes items younger than the specified date: YYYY.MM.DD or HH:MM:SS
    -t, --top-cache-items <N>              List the top N items taking most space in the cache

    clean-unref    remove crates that are not referenced in a Cargo.toml from the cache
    help           Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    l              check local build cache (target) of a rust project
    local          check local build cache (target) of a rust project
    q              run a query
    query          run a query
    r              query each package registry separately
    registry       query each package registry separately
    sc             gather stats on a local sccache cache
    sccache        gather stats on a local sccache cache
    toolchain      print stats on installed toolchains
    trim           trim old items from the cache until maximum cache size limit is reached

Show the largest items in the cargo home:

cargo cache --top-cache-items 5

Summary of: /home/matthias/.cargo/bin/ (588.35 MB total)
Name         Size
alacritty    38.40 MB
xsv          29.78 MB
rg           28.51 MB
cargo-geiger 15.11 MB
mdbook       12.39 MB

Summary of: /home/matthias/.cargo/registry/src/ (3.11 GB total)
Name                         Count Average   Total
mozjs_sys                    4     131.83 MB 527.31 MB
wabt-sys                     2     83.73 MB  167.46 MB
openblas-src                 2     78.42 MB  156.84 MB
curl-sys                     6     18.47 MB  110.83 MB
winapi-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu 2     54.90 MB  109.80 MB

Summary of: /home/matthias/.cargo/registry/cache/ (1.18 GB total)
Name        Count Average  Total
mozjs_sys   10    29.45 MB 294.50 MB
curl-sys    16    3.03 MB  48.54 MB
libgit2-sys 18    2.54 MB  45.64 MB
servo-skia  6     5.23 MB  31.39 MB
openssl-src 5     5.55 MB  27.73 MB

Summary of: /home/matthias/.cargo/git/db/ (918.97 MB total)
Name         Count Average   Total
polonius     1     136.63 MB 136.63 MB
mdbook       1     111.45 MB 111.45 MB
rust-rocksdb 2     33.31 MB  66.62 MB
osmesa-src   2     28.45 MB  56.90 MB
ring         2     23.02 MB  46.04 MB

Summary of: /home/matthias/.cargo/git/checkouts/ (3.80 GB total)
Name            Count Average   Total
parity-ethereum 2     666.36 MB 1.33 GB
xori            1     372.69 MB 372.69 MB
polonius        2     186.34 MB 372.67 MB
alacritty       9     39.08 MB  351.74 MB
osmesa-src      2     166.12 MB 332.24 MB

Do a light cleanup

This removes extracted tarball sources and repository checkouts. The original source archives and git repos are kept and will be extracted as needed by cargo. Run cargo cache --autoclean:

Clearing cache...

Cargo cache '/home/matthias/.cargo':

Total:                                     3.38 GB => 3.28 GB
  62 installed binaries:                            665.64 MB
  Registry:                                2.03 GB => 2.00 GB
    2 registry indices:                             444.25 MB
    10570 crate archives:                             1.55 GB
    96 => 0 crate source checkouts:          34.81 MB => 0  B
  Git db:                              685.13 MB => 619.64 MB
    114 bare git repos:                             619.64 MB
    7 => 0 git repo checkouts:               65.48 MB => 0  B

Size changed 3.38 GB => 3.28 GB (-100.29 MB, -2.96%)

The crate also works if you override the default location of the cargo home via the $CARGO_HOME env var!

Side note: cargo-cache started as my learning-by-doing rust project, if you see something that you find very odd or is in dire need of improvement please let me know and open a ticket!

Cleaning the cache on CI

Sometimes it is desired to cache the $CARGO_HOME in CI. As noted in the document, this might cache sources twice which adds unnecessary overhead. To reduce the size of the cache before storing it, you might want to run cargo cache --autoclean. The ci-autoclean feature provides a very stripped-down version of the crate that is only capable of running cargo-cache --autoclean automatically on launch and should compile within a couple of seconds. To make use of this, you can add these commands to your ci:

cargo install (--git git:// OR cargo-cache) --no-default-features --features ci-autoclean cargo-cache
cargo-cache # no further arguments required


Q: Is this project related to sccache? A: Not really. cargo cache sccache prints a little summary of the local(!) sccache-cache and shows how many files were last accessed on a given date but it does not modify sccaches cache. It also does not act as a compiler cache such as (s)ccache.


Copyright 2017-2020 Matthias Krüger

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 <LICENSE-APACHE or> or the MIT license
<LICENSE-MIT or>, at your
option. All files in the project carrying such notice may not be
copied, modified, or distributed except according to those terms.


manage cargo cache (${CARGO_HOME}, ~/.cargo/), print sizes of dirs and remove dirs selectively




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