Example code to control Corelatus GTH E1/T1 and SDH/SONET hardware in various languages
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Title: Example code for the GTH API
Author: Matthias (matthias@corelatus.com)

A Corelatus GTH is a standalone piece of hardware which connects to
the telephone network through the E1/T1 interface. People build voicemail
systems, billing systems and network monitoring systems on top of GTHs.

This code is only really of interest to people using GTHs to build something.

The examples are broken up by language, and each language is
independent of the rest, i.e. the C examples don't use any code
from the Perl examples. The quality varies:

  erlang: A full parser for responses from the GTH
          A feature-complete Erlang API
          Both the parser and API are in fairly widespread use.

  Perl: A partial Perl API for the GTH.
        Good enough to get you started, but doesn't support all GTH features.
        We're not Perl experts, so the Perl may be a bit odd in places.
        Some customers use this code for ad-hoc O&M.

  Python: A partial Python API for the GTH.
          Good enough to get you started, but doesn't support all GTH features.
          We're not Python experts.
          We're not aware of any customers using this code.

  C: A complete parser for GTH responses
     Several examples to get you started.
     Support for compiling on either *nix systems or win32.
     Multiple customers use some of this code in production.

  Java: Basic example code. We're not proud of it, we're no good at Java.

More information about GTH hardware:


More information about the GTH API:


Git repo of this code, with commit history:


The examples mostly have BSD licences. Feel free to fork the repository and
please consider submitting changes back.