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Correct comments and usage information for <unmap> C example

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1 parent 1bfe97f commit feff8c106a23055e83622121a997c62b317c4884 @matthiasl committed Dec 11, 2013
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@@ -1,7 +1,5 @@
-// Minimal program to map an E1/T1 link carried on SDH/SONET.
-// Once an E1/T1 is mapped, it has a name, e.g. pcm27, which can
-// then be used in further commands, for instance 'enable'.
+// Minimal program to unmap an E1/T1 link carried on SDH/SONET.
// Doesn't attempt any error handling.
@@ -52,16 +50,15 @@
static void usage()
- "map [-v] <GTH-IP> <sdh-resource>\n\n"
- "Map an E1/T1 link carried on SDH/SONET. Print the name of the\n"
- "E1/T1 resource created by the mapping.\n\n"
+ "unmap [-v] <GTH-IP> <E1/T1 resource>\n\n"
+ "Unmap an E1/T1 link carried on SDH/SONET.\n\n"
"-v: print the API commands and responses (verbose)\n"
"<GTH-IP> is the GTH's IP address or hostname\n"
- "<resource> is an SDH/SONET LOP resource\n"
+ "<resource> is an E1/T1 resource\n"
- "./map sdh1:hop1_1:lop1_5_3\n"
+ "./unmap pcm1\n"

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